Before i tell you a little bit about Montel, we should probably set a few rumors straight. Many people have confused him with an American talk show host called Montel Williams. We have no idea how this could have happened, especially as their names are completely different. One is a traditional Northern Irish name ‘Montel McWilliams’ and the other is a common American name ‘Montel Williams’. Secondly, they live in completely different locations. The veteran House head lives in ‘Holywood’(one L). A small town outside Northern Ireland’s capital city. Where as the veteran talk show host resides in Hollywood (two L’s). A district in Los Angeles, California (that place with the big letters, stuck up on a hill). Now that I’ve cleared that up, I can begin to tell you about the Montel ‘we’ all know and love! Sadly his father was never in a Jazz band.. His mother never sang Aretha Franklin songs while doing housework.. He was shit at music in school and he can’t play the piano to save his life! Well thats not strictly true.. I once heard him play an ‘unplugged’ version of Wildchild’s ‘Renegade Master’ at a New Year’s day party, many years ago. He’d consumed a lot of alcohol by that point and the piano was badly in need of tuning, but it seemed to work at the time. So getting back to the point, Montel unfortunately didn’t have the blessed start to his career that many other of today’s producers do. One thing he does note as an inspiration though is being introduced to a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, who had a set of Technics turntables. It was at this point that Montel was also introduced to House 12″s, White Label’s, U.S Imports and a whole world of music that he never knew existed. Many years later and after countless record shopping and clubbing trips to London and the U.S, we arrive in recent times. Our friend’s love affair with House music never faded and for that reason alone he thought it only right to give back something to a ‘scene’ that gave him so much! After getting busy in the studio, his first demos started to surface in the Summer of 2012. Immediate support came from the likes of Bicep, Jacques Renault, Jordan Peak, Waze & Odyssey. EP’s and Singles then followed on Brooklyn’s Let’s Play House and Love Revolution imprints, plus European labels such as Skylax, Midnight Love Club and Seven Limited. Topped of with gigs in London, Manchester, Dublin and Amsterdam, this year so far has been a roller coaster of a ride. The last half of 2013 is shaping up nicely too..