Kyle Watson

A keen ear, a clear understanding and application of music theory, confidence, persistence, and the personal drive to push the boundaries with every studio session and live show is what makes a great producer/DJ. These qualities perfectly describe a musical powerhouse in the world of electronic music, a powerhouse like Kyle Watson.

Kyle was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1988. Musically trained from a young age in classical piano and music theory, Kyle’s foundation has helped him clearly step ahead of the rest in this ‘Garage Band generation’ in which anyone has the opportunity to be a musician. Not afraid to step out of his comfort zone, his appreciation for each and every genre of music has given Kyle his unique and eclectic sound – a sound that one would be hard pressed to find anywhere else – and it is because of this that he has secured himself a spot as one of South Africa’s most successful internationally acclaimed dance music producers.

With big support coming from all directions, locally and internationally, Kyle’s music has skyrocketed to a whole new level. Some of the best and most successful producers in the world – top charters like Pleasurekraft, Chris Lake, Dave Spoon, Calvertron, and more – have been supporting Kyle’s music. It is because of this avid support that his music has been released on high profile record labels such as Rising Music, Pacha Digital, and Televizion. With these releases come big exposure – that’s why Kyle has featured on Beatport’s top 100 charts on various occasions, with his music peaking at 13 on the Electro Chart and, more recently, number 35 on the tech house chart with his successful single ‘I Don’t Mind’.

But the buck doesn’t stop there. Producing is one talent, playing to a venue full of eager clubbers is another. When Kyle takes his music to the stage, people are always left wanting more. With constant evolution (and a recent move to a live digital setup) it’s no wonder that he has played most of the major clubs across South Africa and become a regular guest at Truth, one of the most reputable clubs in the country. In 2009, Kyle took his music to the UK and guested at venues like Ministry of Sound in London, Mission in Leeds, and many more across the country in cities such as Birmingham, Bristol and Halifax.

His sets are smooth and well balanced, and have evolved into a style of forward thinking house music that stems from the jacking side of house and techno to peak time tech-fuelled beats. For a musician that has clearly taken a brave step forward, there is still much ahead for this young star.