Dancing is Simple
Communication shouldn’t be difficult. A dash, and a dot: the foundations of Morse code, the basics of braille. With these two symbols, countless stories are told, and such simplicity is at the core ofDashdot’s art. While these musicians employ
technical skill and expert ears, they trust that dancing is as natural and universal as a circle, and a line. On these foundations, the duo has been storming the charts with unique, melodic, and above all, eminently dance-able house music.
AndreGuarda and Felipe Flora (Moskardi) didn’t grow up together or meet at a rave. Both from small cities in Brazil, their music found its way on to local label Movida Records while they were still in high school. They remained unknown to
each other until moving to Sao Paolo for college, where they were connected by a shared passion for music, and a touch offate.Dashdot was launched in February 2012 at none other than D-Edge club, one of Brazil’s best venues for underground
house music.

Setting an early precedent in the international spotlight, their music quickly garnered support from heavy hitters like Hot Since 82, Thyladomid, Andre Crom, Betoko, Matt Fear, S.K.A.M, and more.Their hit,“Stepping Into My Mind” remained
in Beatport’s Indie Dance top 10 for severalweeks, followed by the equally impressive “Paradise”for Cream CoutureRecords. Thinking forward, they started their own label, PopArt, another title that reflects their vision of accessible yet elegant dance music. At firstfocused on local talent, including Re Dupre and Gabe,Dashdot has since developed the label into a global entity, recruiting artists across continents.

Artists, producers, and label owners,the members ofDashdot have been prime candidates for bookings around the world. After playing at the best clubs all over Brazil, their passports are quickly filling up with gigs around the Americas and
Europe, including London’s top billing Magna Carta party alongside stalwarts Clive Henry, Droog, Inxec, Franck Roger, Alex Arnout, and more. True musicians at heart, the young duo employs a powerful live setup, with Felipe laying down percussion while Andre builds melody. No two sets from these artists are ever the same.
Expanding their reach by the day, the duo’s star is firmly on the rise, with forthcoming music on Chili Mint Music, Off Recordings, and more.As they gain exposure, so too does Brazil. The success of these talented youngsters reflects both
on them and their homeland, bringing attention to the country’s burgeoning electronic scene. One can only imagine what the future will hold, as Andre and Felipe, known simply as Dashdot, continue to cement their place alongside the most
prolific names in the world of dance music.