Chris Gresswell

Chris Gresswell 24 year old DJ/Producer from West Yorkshire has come a long way since he started mixing Records at a mate’s house in Bradford 7 years ago. Started DJing on an uneven CDJ-Turntable combination, and self-taught production. He has since started to make the bouncy, bassy, garage-flavoured house that defines his sound today.

Few producers are as downright eclectic as the Yorkshire-based Chris. A trained musical engineer, Gresswell specialises in myriad styles of electronic music, and has got his hands dirty with both bass and house strands over the years. While he’s remained something of an unknown quantity up until recently.

His diverse influences – from speed garage and House, through to hip hop and jungle and grime- show through on his tracks. But though he works in all styles showing in his latest remixes for Rektchordz & Ben Remember,his tracks share that distinct Chris Gresswell sound ! Big badboy basslines, skippy garage drums .

Chris also has a recent string of self releases all with bigger hype than the last, Gresswell’s firmly established himself as one of the top producers in the scene and definitely one to watch.