Sammy W & Alex E

It often happens that meeting new people brings fresh approaches, which grow into common goals, plans and projects. And that’s exactly what happened with Sammy W & Alex E.

Recently introduced to each other, they are closely collaborating and successfully keeping up in music production. Both of them were resident Dj’s before they met and had 5-6 years of experience on deck. They met in 2010 and already by the end of the year they created their first collabo track, which later was signed on “Sintope” label, owned and run by a successful Romanian duo NTFO, the track was also released on vinyl. Straight after that they start working with Rhadow and launch a collabo track “Brau”, which is later released on an ADE compilation on “Bla Bla” label as well as on vinyl.

Currently guys run their own labels Tobus and Tobus Limited., and work with well known artists. Be sure, these names won’t stay aside. Make sure to follow them and keep’em in your focus !