Miguel Puente

Despite his relative young age, Miguel Puente is well travelled -­‐ born in Monterry, Mexico he has lived for two years in Chicago in the 90’s, one year in Montreal in 2005 and has been living in Barcelona since 2008. The influences of these electronic cultural hubs echo through his productions and DJ sets.

In Barcelona 2008 he met Sishi Rosch and was involved in the foundation of the label Digital Delight playing their events alongside the likes of Shaun Reeves, Zev, Jay Shepherd and Yakine.

From 2010 Miguel began collaborating with Sishi with their first release coming out on Johnny White and Nitins’ esteemed label No.19 with the track also featuring on Soul Clap’s Social Experiment 2011. Miguel has forged a strong relationship with the Canadian label with the vinyl release of his ‘What You do’ EP in 2012 and his remix of Modern Amusement in 2011.

Alongside No.19 Miguel has released on a whole host of respected underground labels including Akbal Music, Digital Delight, Lower East & Hot Waves.

2013 will be an exciting time for the youthful DJ with EP’s with OFF and Outcross Records scheduled for release and further work with fellow Barcelona resident Robbie Akbal on Akbal Music. In terms of touring he will return to his native Mexico as well as a short jaunt around Brazil before returning to Europe in February to continue his exploration of the deeper sounds of house music.