King Brain

King Brain, was born in Kraftwerk’s home town, Düsseldorf, just on time to witness the first landing on the moon. He quickly discovered the unique power of music : even before starting primary school he was already entertaining his family and relatives, rocking his huge EMIMENT-organ with sizzling interpretations of the newest pop songs that were favorites in his family. At the age of six, way before he could read or write, he amazed those around him with his unique gift of instantly being able to pick up the latest and most popular tunes on the radio and play them in his very own polyphonic „grooving“ organ-style.

Whether at piano classes, with guitar teachers, as part of a school band or in the classroom, King Brain quickly learned to dodge „useless“ activities in order to pursue the one and only thing that truly mattered to him: whenever feasible he would escape to his basement „studio“ to make music “his way“. Then, around 1984, the introduction to the market of the Roland 909 drum computer/sequencer (still THE beat-machine in the global house and dance music scene), of YAMAHA’s DX 7- and of Roland’s Juno 106-synthesizers kicked off the digitalization of music production: This paradigm change, fostered by the emergence of the first affordable sampler Emu-Systems Emax, the Atari ST for home-made digital hard-disc recording, soon followed by the midi-sequencer program Steinberg Pro24, enabled King Brain to focus fully on the autonomous and independent production of HIS music completely on his own.

So King Brain decided to quit school and in 1987 he started up his chosen profession as an artist and music producer. He quickly built up working relationships with the most promising German dance-labels at that time, Düsseldorf-located independents BCM Records, Rush Records, and Italoheat. His cooperation with former BCM Records A&R Director Dieter Stemmer gained King Brain his first international recognition in the dance music scene when they conquered the international dance floor charts with THIS BEAT IS TECHNOTRONIC, released on Stemmer’s own new label Dance Street in 1990: This widely copied, covered, and sampled production gave King Brain international credit as a composer, artist and producer.